Come and experience the warm and rustic atmosphere in Panchgani near Mahabaleshwar homestay

Looking at the beauty in the world is the first step of purifying your hearts, bungalow resorts in panchgani near Mahabaleshwar help you to come close towards the nature and spend your holidays with us.
Here at our homestay we provide all modern amenities there are 6 bedrooms, kitchen + dining, living room and a glass enclosed gazebo, all overlooking the valley and overseeing the Bhilar waterfalls and Mahu dam. The atmosphere in this place is warm and rustic.Here at our homestay we provide all modern amenities with 6 bedrooms, kitchen + dining, living room and a glass enclosed gazebo, all overlooking the valley and overseeing the Bhilar waterfalls in monsoons and Mahu dam. The atmosphere in this place is warm and rustic.

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Traveler Blog for Dala Rooster

Mrunal WakankarMrunal Wakankar

Classy Stay! Very clean, relaxing and a must visit!

Ashwini KotwalAshwini Kotwal
Jitesh AminJitesh Amin

Amazing house. Amazing environment. Amazing hospitality. Amazing food n Amazing caretaker Mr Das n family.

Vasudha NarayananVasudha Narayanan

Dala rooster is a beautiful home away from home. The rooms are spacious and comfortable and Dilip and his wife ensure they are kept spick and span.

Das, the caretaker and his wife are fantastic cooks. They keep your stomach Happy all day long.
Das wants his guests Happy. Need anything? ask Das. The Indian version of Jeeves. Need a doctor? Or a masseur? ask das. Need kulfi or fish fry ask Das.
Monica is super warm and friendly. Most helpful and sweet.

Wish I could have stayed there forever!

Smita RavasiaSmita Ravasia

It's an amazing place and food was simply outstanding

Saurabh ParanjapeSaurabh Paranjape

I had heard about this place from a cousin and then decided to gain a 1st hand experience when we decided for a picnic.
We expected a nice bunglow decently maintained with some caretakers. However when we actually reached there we were zapped amazed and surprisngly and rather happily shocked.
To say Dala Rooster is just a bunglow is an insult ! Its an amazing structure built in Scandinaviann style. Wow is the only way to describe this place.
This place has 2 self contained bedrooms at the basement and 1 bedroom on the ground floor. The ground floor also has the lavish drawing room and a well equiped kitchen and dining area. The 1st floor has 3 bedrooms.
To top it all there is a gazebo and the view is just outstanding.
The caretaking staff was courteous and extremely helpful.
Although the package is breakfast and evening tea only, we still decided to dine indoor on the 1st evening of the stay. We were served delicious dinner and the food was tasty and nutritious.
The best member of the staff was Motya - their Dog- who had a gala time with our kids.
Do visit this place and enjoy the stay and food. Salute to the Gokhale family who own this place for ensuring discipline while extending courtsey to guests.

dhruv shahdhruv shah

An Amazing place to stay with great service.. must try for people who love to stay in homes instead of hotels

Subodhkumar Mangala-Narayan PhadkeSubodhkumar Mangala-Narayan Phadke

My journey and arrival at Dala Rooster was an amazing & awesome driving experience.
The rainy season was about to finish.
Entire Panchgani valley was flourished with countless green plants, herbs, etc.
Dala Rooster homestay is located right in the valley and top of the valley.

Drawing room/living room of Dala Rooster

The drawing hall or room or living room got a huge glass window.
From that window, the entire green valley was visible to me.
Bhillar (name of the village and it is now called as Bhillar Book Village) Natural Water Falls was still running.
The waterfall was creating an amazing sound. Entire Dala Rooster veranda was full of greenery. I also found a colour to all the walls was very fresh. When did I ask Captain Gokhale about it? I was told those were imported polish, which he applied on all the walls. I was not aware of such polish and that was my new learning.

I found a number of hand paintings hanging on each wall. Captain Gokhale informed me that his father painted all those paintings. Captain Gokhale’s father is the grandson of Namdar Gopal Krishna Gokhale.

I found a simple and robust furniture in the hall.

When I checked with Captain Gokhale about it? He told me that the entire furniture is made and designed using Babhali wood.
He also informed that he used Babhali wood since Babhali is the only wood which does not attract any wood bugs namely Walvi.

Heritage Newspaper Created By Namdar Gopal Krishna Gokhale & family heritage

In the living room, I also found the original newspaper that was created & published by Namdar Gopal Krishna Gokhale.
I also found images of the entire Gokhale family.
Seeing this heritage material took me into history books which I learned when I was in school.

All 6-bedrooms

Dala Rooster got overall 6-bedrooms.
3-bedrooms on the first floor.
1-bedroom on the ground floor.
2-bedrooms below the ground floor.

All the bedrooms got a unique design.
All the bedrooms were neat, clean & tiptop.
Every toilet was neat, clean & hygienic too.
All the bedrooms were facing towards Panchgani valley and that ’s something incredible, wonderful, peaceful, inspiring and satisfying too.


Dala Rooster got a huge kitchen.
The kitchen well designed, well decorated, neat, clean & up to date.
Local caretaker staff cook & serve amazing and tasty home cooked food.
While watching & observing the local staff while cooking! I realized (found by sheer observation) they were using fabulous spices.
When I checked with Captain Gokhale about it! He told me that all spices used in cooking are homemade. He also informed that these spices are available to the traveller to buy it since every traveller who enjoyed the taste of Indian food over there? Started demanding the spices used in Dala Rooster.


Dala Rooster’s another inspirational spot.
This Gazebo takes a traveller into the different world.
I ate my breakfast & lunch in this Gazebo.
Eating or drinking in Gazebo (early in the morning, afternoon or in the night) gives 3 different experiences all together to each traveller and I enjoyed all the 3 experiences in one day.

Overall my first experience at Dala Rooster is awesome and I recommend Dala Rooster homestay to all global travellers who are sick of urban cities, who are sick of sound & air pollution that happens in urban cities and above all who are keen to stay away from their own homes but still want to live and take homestay experience.

This is Phadke Subodhkumar Mangala Narayan
From India, Student Forever & Part of Good Crooks

sushant poojarysushant poojary

Awesome place to stay. Great view. Warm hearted people. Care takers are really good, ever helping. Food was just delicious, specially strawberry cream and misal pav was just too good. Clean, hygienic and everything you could ask for. Loved it!!!

Siddhi GidwaniSiddhi Gidwani

Nice place to stay. Enjoyed alot

Mohit Kotwal

Another weekend. Another quick getaway. And so we land up at our favourite homestay ~ Dala Rooster. Three days of harmony, enjoyment, good food. And of course, the wonderful company of the ever charming Capt. Gokhale. Our host, our friend. A must visit place! Cheers ... ... Mohit and Ashwini Kotwal

Sudarshan Atwe

One of the best places to stay in panchgani, Staff Mr. Shib Das & Dilip are really nice and helpful. Food is very good also the cleanliness.

Traveler Blog for Dala Mare

parag kavitkeparag kavitke

This was one of the best places we been to.

Location: Amazing , surrounded by greenery

Accommodation: Very hygienic, well maintained facility. Ample of space for kids to play outdoor games.

Food: The caretakers are an amazing cooks too. All the menus cooked were delicious, even kids loved their menus.

Hospitality: Very polite and attentive people. Always at your service

Certainly this would be in our list for yearly visit.

Spent a good weekend with friends.

Jabez Dhinakar SinghJabez Dhinakar Singh

We stayed 2 nights here and it was a fantastic experience. Capt. Vikas Gokhale is an excellent host and none of the good things have changed in the last 3 years. This was our second visit to this 6 room bungalow, the location is also very calm and Serene. Clean rooms and bathrooms. The staff are always available to help and the smile on their faces never faded. Will certainly visit them again.

ratnadeep bartakeratnadeep bartake

Had a wonderful time at Dala Mare.

Excellent view, caring staff, delicious meals, clean bright and airy rooms.

Best place to unwind, relax or do creative activities.

Amit PatilAmit Patil

Very nice place to stay. Food is awesome and staff is also very nice people...must visit this place.

Hemant BakshiHemant Bakshi

This is my second trip to Dala Mare and will continue to visit this place ... excellent location and layout . Their staff make you feel at home ....

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